Harbor Shores


Many refer to Southwest Michigan as the Midwest’s hidden treasure, but we’re excited to share all that Berrien County has to offer.

In 1634 the first European explorer, Jean Nicolet, happened upon the majestic Lake Michigan. Today, much has changed along the great lake’s shoreline. But, wonderfully, many things haven’t changed at all.

Southwest Michigan is a place of breathtaking sunsets, lush wooded trails, and miles of endless beaches. It has its own distinctive climate. During the winter, the lake’s moderating breezes generate heavy lake-effect snow, creating a wonderland for cold-weather enthusiasts. During warmer months, those breezes shelter the rich farmland to allow for bountiful harvests of Michigan’s legendary blueberries, apples, and peaches.

In the generations since Nicolet’s discovery, this quiet corner of the world has become home not only to thriving agribusinesses, bustling villages, and international companies, but also to a growing number of wineries, farmers markets, and sailing regattas.

What better location to build a community that celebrates this grand lifestyle?

Harbor Shores is precisely that––a beautiful new community specially created for residents and visitors to enjoy the many natural and man-made amenities available in the twin cities of Benton Harbor and St. Joseph.

Explore Harbor Shores for yourself. Discover the same value that may have first caught Nicolet’s attention: a magnificent lakeshore that is home to a beautiful way of working, playing, and living––that is rare and virtually priceless.